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The Support programs

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4 Week Flourish Plan: £195

  • In just  one month you can make a significant difference to your energy, digestion, hormone balance, focus and vitality, and be well on your way to establishing fantastic new eating habits.  Includes;

  • Nutrition Focus Session

  • Detailed Food, supplement (if appropriate) and lifestyle plan

  • Selection of recipe cards and meal ideas to inspire you

  • 2 x  telephone session (up to 30mins each) to answer your questions & queries, and provide support and guidance

  • Email advice as needed (emails are usually answered within 48hrs Mon – Fri unless otherwise advised)

  • Follow-On session (45-60 mins)

  • Weekly ‘Nutrition Tip’ emails for inspiration and motivation!

“Sally was truly lovely, with a calm and reassuring manner, and I soon felt at ease. The consultation, and testing, was professional and the advice invaluable. I have been extremely pleased with the results and have enjoyed a better quality of life as a result of my visit. 


Laboratory Testing:

Various tests are available to help us uncover the root imbalances in your health, including:

  • Test for food intolerances: these can help to clear up these confusions and provide you with clarity and confidence about what foods to eat and which to avoid.  See below for more details or call/email.
  • Stool tests – helpful for identifying gut bacterial imbalances that may be contributing to health issues such as IBS, bloating, altered bowel habits and poor nutrient absorption.
  • Adrenal function tests – long term stress impacts adrenal hormone balance, contributing to health issues such as fatigue, decreased stress tolerance, low immunity and poor blood sugar balance.
  • Thyroid function tests – standard thyroid tests only look at a small part of thyroid function and may come back as normal despite your visible symptoms!  Long term stress and auto immune conditions may impact upon thyroid health.
  • For details and prices of these tests please call or email.

I use Cambridge Nutritional Sciences ELISA blood sample tests and can offer the Food Detective test or the full range of FoodPrint tests.


“I am absolutely delighted with my results and am so pleased I decided to get an alternative opinion to what my GP was suggesting. In fact the simple discovery of omitting corn has literally changed my life not only for my well being but also for the control this has given me over my own body. I am so happy and relieved




Are available for all treatment options – ideal gifts for family and friends!


Nutrition Focus Session (60-90mins): £75

  • Stand-alone session for when you need clear advice 
    and food guidelines to get you back on the path to health & vitality.  Includes written guidance on foods, supplements (if appropriate) and lifestyle changes.

    Individual Follow On sessions are available afterwards (45-60mins) for £60

10-Day Detox Nutritional Support Programme: £147

  • A programme of foods and supplements carefully designed to offer gentle cleansing and detoxification to your body.  Focusing on your skin, liver, kidneys and bowels the programme offers holistic support to your system alongside tasty and interesting food suggestions making this a practical and achievable Programme to follow.  Includes:

    • Nutrition Focus Session

    • Detox Nutritional Support Programme Supplement Kit; this includes a dry skin brush, vitamin mineral and herbal supplements to support holistic detoxification and a detailed Programme Guide packed with food and detoxification inspiration

    • A 30min follow-on telephone call to discuss your progress and look at how to maintain the benefits of your cleanse

Food Detective test: £55 in addition to consultation fee

  • This simple pin-prick blood test checks for reactions against 59 of the most common food intolerances.  The test takes 45 minutes to do so you will leave your session with a clear idea of any foods that may be contributing to your symptoms and what you can eat instead!

FoodPrint tests

  • These are laboratory run tests that provide detailed analysis of immune system reactions to over 120 different foods.   The range of FoodPrint tests includes Vegetarian and Vegan options.