Nutrigenomics is the interaction between nutrition and genetic expression.

We inherit our genes from our ancestors, but these are just a blueprint of what can potentially happen with our health, they are not a definite code.  The foods we eat, our lifestyle choices, and the environment in which we live play a much bigger role in determining our health and wellbeing as they collectively influence how genes are expressed.

Nutrigenomic testing offers an insight into what our genes are, and how they may be functioning.

By using a gene test alongside functional tests like the Optimal Nutrition Evaluation we can build up a picture of which genetic factors may be contributing to your health issues, and which specific nutrients may be of benefit to you.

The process begins with a gene test from MTHFR-Genetics

This information is combined with all the details we have discussed at our Nutrition Focus Session, and I produce an overall nutrigenomics report for you, with specific food and nutrient recommendations.

What are the benefits of nutrigenomic testing?

This approach is not for everyone.  But, if you would like to…

– Investigate your genetic inheritance and look at ways to mitigate specific health risk factors such as inflammation, detoxification issues, digestive problems, and healthy cognitive function

– Dig deeper into the potenital causes and mediators of a specific health issue

– Be informed about your own health potential

Then let’s discuss nutrigenomics!


These vary according to individual need.  The basics are;

Nutrition Focus Session £75

Gene test from mthfr-genetics £179

ONE test or Metabolic Analysis Profile (£330 or £225 respectively) – this is optional but does provide great insight into your vitamin, mineral, and antioxidant status, which helps with understanding which genes may be expressing

Data interpretation, report writing and Follow On session: between £180 – £240 depending on detail required

If you would like to know more about Nutrigenomic testing email or call me on 07910 705272.

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